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Paving the way toward a culture of change within the orthopaedic community.

SpeakUpOrtho calls attention to the negative behavioral experiences which persist in our profession, leading the charge to end these behaviors by amplifying voices and stories and pressing for accountability.
Lisa Cannada, MD, c0-founder

We launched SpeakUpOrtho at a time when the issue of sexual harassment was in the news and not tolerated in the sports world and media.

Medicine and healthcare were yet to be a part of this critical dialogue. It was time to work together toward change. We created SpeakUpOrtho to be a judgment-free zone and provide valuable resources.
Arianna Gianakos, DO, c0-founder

We have already seen a shift in our culture since we launched SpeakUpOrtho.

More and more people are starting to speak up about the abusive work environments in the medical profession, demonstrating systemic problems. In addition, other specialties are looking for guidance and resources. SpeakUpOrtho is paving the way.
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The most common form of workplace bullying is: Moral Harassment. When you are harassed and bullied at work for having different ethical values and moral integrity and refuse to be manipulated into violating those standards.
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Check out this piece recently published as an OpEd: "Why are Women in Medicine Camouflaging Themselves?" @WIMSummit@1001cuts @RJOSociety@bwos2020@GladdenSociety @EquityDocs
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There is no place for workplace bullying. Break the pattern…#stopthebully @speakuportho @1000CutsPod
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Please explain! In more detail.
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Yep! Now try getting somebody to do something about it. Apparently people can spend decades fighting these battles and still don't see justice.
Nancy Yen Shipley, MD, c0-founder

The issues of bullying and harassment are long-standing, and if not now, when?

There is no better time than now. There is an urgent need for SpeakUpOrtho as we address an epidemic in orthopaedics.
Jennifer Weiss, MD, c0-founder

SpeakUpOrtho campaign for change

SpeakUpOrtho continues its campaign to fight bullying, harassment, and discrimination in orthopaedics. Join us in our campaign for change!
Surgical residents experienced
inappropriate behaviors
Resident respondents
reported burnout
Did not report the behavior
to their institution
Stated they had a negative
experience reporting
Twenty-five studies with 29,980 surgical residents were included with the above outcomes.
What steps should I take if I have experienced an incident?
I would like support on educating my team on appropriate behaviors.
What is SpeakUpOrtho's mission and how can I get involved?
Do you have any upcoming events I may attend?

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From the casting couch to the board room, to television and the athletic field, the harassment of females is finally being taken seriously. Medicine also has its stories and we're sharing them.
In surgery, there is a ladder and power differential which permits this type of behavior. When an event happens, reporting is a NO NO. The majority of events are unreported as there is often significant fear of retaliation and damage to one's career.
As orthopaedic surgeons, we have been given the privilege to preserve human life and function. How we behave shapes our culture and profession.

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