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SpeakUpOrtho is a resource for the orthopaedic community. We have compiled a list of critical articles and publications.
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Specialty Article: Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Microaggressions, bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination continue to be experienced by orthopaedic physicians in the workplace.
Bullying, discrimination, diversity, sexual harassment
From the casting couch to the board room, the media, and beyond, the topic of sexual harassment and bullying can no longer be ignored.
The Training Room
The prevalence of abusive behaviors including bullying, discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment experienced by orthopaedic residents during their surgical training is alarmingly high.
Equity 360: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity
The NY Times and New Yorker dual investigations into
acclaimed movie producer Harvey Weinstein sparked a worldwide dialog about sexual harassment in the workplace.
Defining the Barriers to Gender Equity
Only 13.6% of orthopaedic surgeons in Canada are women, even though there is nothing inherent to the
practice of orthopaedic surgery that favors men over women.
Clinical Research
Burnout and depression among healthcare professionals and trainees remain alarmingly common. In 2009, 56% of orthopaedic surgery residents reported burnout.
Orthopaedic Burnout
Orthopaedic surgeons have the highest prevalence of death by suicide among all surgical subspecialties, comprising 28.2% of surgeon suicides from 2003 to 2017.
RJOS: Position Statement
Workplace bullying in medicine is pervasive and is unacceptable. Bullies are real, professional adults
who often may be in senior leadership positions.
Journal Pre-proof: The American Journal of Surgery (2022)
As more women begin to enter the traditionally male-dominated field of orthopaedics, it is critical to examine their experiences in navigating gender-based conflicts in the workplace.
Topics in Training
Background: American medical schools have gradually achieved balance in the sex of medical graduates over the past 4 decades.